Photography started for me when I was a College student in Sydney, a time in my life where I was lost and uncertain thoughts about life constantly gripped me. I would often take long walks from home towards the harbor, taking photographs. Growing up in a creative family, I found the experimental and technical nature of photography welcoming. It soon became a clutch for me, with the central focus on one thing soothing and calming my racing thoughts. I quickly became immersed in the process, I would be encapsulated in a moment in time that, through my photography, would now live forever.

‘Delicate, beautiful and temporary’– I describe my photographs through the way this said moment in time resonates with me.

Photography is a practice I usually do alone, it is a time that I am free, and truly myself. The main themes that come alive through my photographs are darkness, nature and calmness. By capturing these peaceful and soothing themes, I am in a sense, demonstrating my perspective of the world. Whether that be friends enjoying a quiet moment, ferns on the forest floor, a peaceful night on a suburban street, nature, and everything else that encompasses our human experience on this earth.